Imagine French uber-hipster Serge Gainsbourg en vacances in California. He starts out at the beach in So-Cal, then makes his way up to Bakersfield, with a little side trip through Laurel Canyon…

Malibü Buckéroo is a unique fusion of California sound - Surf’s lush ballads and driving rhythms, a full compliment of shimmering, slippery, psychedelic strings, and a hearty dash of twang, all imbued with a quirky mysterioso à la Serge - a little California Country Cosmique si tu veux. 

"Who doesn't love a tall, gorgeous blonde who takes Brian Wilson songs out for cocktails? Add Serge Gainsbourg and Neil Young and you have triangulated the one and only Lorna K, chanteuse du pop extraordinaire and my latest musical heartthrob. Love her madly."

--Joel Selvin, author/journalist


Malibü Buckéroo

by Malibü Buckéroo